Biscuit Engine

Lasers are awesome.

I have an FPS soul.

I have an FPS soul.

Remember the Grafitti applet for Facebook that was popular a few years ago? Here’s some fun stuff I cooked up with it for friends.

Half Life II and Portal fanart abounds! (With a little Cave Story in there for good measure.)

Comic-Con 2k11 steampunk shenanigans. Of course not complete without a remotely out-of-character frilled-shark.

Everything needs a remotely out-of-character frilled-shark.

Again I slowly ooze my way across the internet, embedding myself into another website… Tremble, weaklings! For the time of the biscuity reckoning of Tumblr begins THUSLY!

Been enjoying my best friend frilled-shark's Tumblr enough that I decided to make my own. Seems like a good place to post pics of my nuts car and other random bouts of photography or art.

Expect (terrible) things.